Sunday, October 30, 2016

Grapevines in the fall

We decided to spend the rainy weekend at the beach. The beach is about 1.5-2 hrs away from Portland. On the way, we stopped at a winery to take pictures of grapevines in the fall, with yellow leaves. The sun picked out of the clouds and the vines started glowing. I was trying to paint the sunlight hitting the yellow leaves. 
Oil, 9x12,

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blueberry farm in the fall

I was driving through farm land today on my way to tennis. We have had many days of rain, but today was cloudy and dry. One of the farms had a large blueberry field. The bushes are turning fiery red this time of year. It was simply breathtaking! I had to pull over and capture the beauty. 
Oil, 8x10

Saturday, October 22, 2016


I went with my friend to one of the wineries in Dundee,OR today. The winery is fairly new called "Purple hands". We tasted some wine and enjoyed ourselves.

The grapevines are turning deep yellow. I really enjoyed the back lighting on the vines. Here is my attempt to represent the beauty of the moment:

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I felt like painting something peaceful. What could be more peaceful that a beautiful lily in a pond? I used splattering and negative painting to get the flower to pop and to define the leaves.

 You can really tell how cascade green watercolor gets turquoise highlights once it dries. I love that green - by Daniel Smith, just a lovely paint!

Watercolor, /lotus-flower/517092

Watercolor sketches: a cat and a parrot

I received the duochrome watercolors by Daniel Smith and can't seem to want to stop playing with them.  DS is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. I love the sparkles! Here are recent paintings- the second one Is a close up, trying to show the sparkles. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New paints

For my birthday I got some watercolors that looked fun- by Daniel Smith. The colors included moonglow, duo chrome Cabo, undersea green, cascade green and saguaro green. These are like candy- the colors sparkle and change. These would not be my basic colors, but new colors make painting so much fun!  Cascade green goes on as a boring green, but when it dries out, it gets flecks of turquoise; saguaro green has specks of gold and bronze.  I painted a cat with green eyes, so I could play with all three green paints.

Watercolor, 6x8


I saw these boats in the Cinque Terra area, in Monorolo. They were real, working boats, made out of shiny wood. After visiting the village we kept walking on the trail that connects these small Italian villages. The trail is not challenging and the views from it are spectacular. 

The light and the color of the Mediterranean  are gorgeous! I keep painting  that water- I love the sea color! 
This picture is large- 16x20, oil.

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